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Cursos MOOC para escoger completamente gratis

Cursos Gratis MOOC

How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC (Coursera)
Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content (Coursera)
Philosophy, Science and Religion: Philosophy and Religion (Coursera)
Fixing Healthcare Delivery 2.0: Advanced Lean (Coursera)
Developing Data Products (Coursera)
Introduction à la programmation orientée objet (en C++) (Coursera)
Strategic Management (Coursera)
Accounting Analysis I: The Role of Accounting as an Information System (Coursera)
Text Retrieval and Search Engines (Coursera)
Technology Metals for a Green Future (FutureLearn)
Les Partenariats Public-Privé (PPP): Comment offrir de meilleures infrastructures pour les services publics (Coursera)
Como criar jogos 2D para iPhone e iPad (Coursera)
Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) (Coursera)
Diode – pn Junction and Metal Semiconductor Contact (Coursera)
Introduction to FPGA Design for Embedded Systems (Coursera)
English for Media Literacy (Coursera)
Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies (Coursera)
Introduction to Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices (Coursera)
Child Nutrition and Cooking (Coursera)
Algorithms on Strings (Coursera)
Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark (Coursera)
Financial Accounting Fundamentals (Coursera)
Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management (Coursera)
Engineering Project Management: Scope, Time and Cost Management (Coursera)
Lean Software Development (Coursera)
Advanced Algorithms and Complexity (Coursera)
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity (Coursera)
Communicating Business Analytics Results (Coursera)
AI for Medical Diagnosis (Coursera)
API Design and Fundamentals of Google Cloud’s Apigee API Platform (Coursera)
O Poder da Macroeconomia: princípios da economia no mundo real (em Português) (Coursera)
Guided Imagery (Coursera)
Lean Production (edX)
Engineering Maintainable Android Apps (Coursera)
Kinetics: Studying Spacecraft Motion (Coursera)
Negociación exitosa: Estrategias y habilidades esenciales (Coursera)
Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects (Coursera)
Exploring and Producing Data for Business Decision Making (Coursera)
Design your own trading strategy – Culminating Project (Coursera)
BioGraph: Teaching Biology Through Systems, Models, & Argumentation (edX)
Dopage : Sports, Organisations et Sciences (Coursera)
Learn to Program: The Fundamentals (Coursera)
Feminism and Social Justice (Coursera)
El plan de marketing (Coursera)
Algorithms on Graphs (Coursera)
L’impact investing : être acteur (Coursera)
Clinical Kidney Transplantation (Coursera)
Copyright for Multimedia (Coursera)
Culture-Driven Team Building Capstone (Coursera)
COVID-19: What You Need to Know (CME Eligible) (Coursera)

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